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Why You Should Consider Selling in the Winter

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

While spring and summer are the hottest seasons in real estate, winter doesn't fall far behind.

In fact, one of the most common misconceptions in the real estate business is that selling a house

in the winter isn't profitable. Fortunately, this is just a myth. There are many benefits for sellers

who decide to list their homes during the winter. Many agents say that this is, in fact, the best

time to sell your home. Not only will you make a big profit, but you will also sell your home

quickly. If you're interested to find out why you should consider selling in the winter, keep reading this article. We prepared some pretty useful information for you! 

Serious and motivated buyers

Since the housing market is the hottest in the spring and summer, many indecisive buyers aren't

committed to buying a house. Most of them come to open houses "just to look". On the other

hand, the real estate market brings out more serious and motivated buyers during wintertime.

People looking to buy a house in the winter usually have to relocate as soon as possible. Their current living arrangement may have unexpectedly altered, or they may have been forced

to relocate due to changes at work. Whatever the case may be, they are serious about finding a

new home, and their search is often urgent. Motivation like this makes them serious buyers,

which is highly favorable for sellers.

Less competition 

Thanks to the myth about homes not selling in the winter, there aren't as many houses on the

market during this time. Therefore, you will have less competition as a seller. Since Boston's

housing market is one of the hottest in the US, this is excellent news for you.

First, you will be more visible to prospective buyers in the market. They will easily find

your listing and, thus, consider buying your house. Second, you won't have to put in a lot of

effort to stand out like you would in the spring or summer. Since you won't have to beat 30 other

houses in your neighborhood for attention on any given weekend, you can relax a little bit. Of course, this doesn't mean you won't need to stage your home. You just won't have to overdo it in order to stand out. Instead, educate yourself about what prospective buyers want and show them your house offers just that. This is the best way to beat the competition and sell your home. 

Devoted real estate agents 

Many agents relish the down-time of the winter market as a way to spend time with family, go on vacation, or simply relax. However, those that are available and working will be devoted and focused on you. You won't have to worry about them working with many different clients simultaneously. Having a devoted real estate agent by your side is practically guaranteed success.

Quicker and more profitable sale 

We already mentioned that buyers are more serious and motivated in the winter. This implies

only one thing - a quicker and highly profitable sale. Selling in the winter might fetch you a

better price if you don't overprice your house in the first place. The reality is that there is less

inventory and limited options for buyers during the wintertime.Additionally, winter buyers will be less inclined to negotiate a lower price if your house is priced competitively and presented attractively. They are less likely to miss out on a decent property at a reasonable price since they have fewer alternatives.

The situation is a little bit different during the summer months. There are many properties on the market, and buyers usually have a few options. This means the market is much more favorable to them than to sellers. This is one of the best benefits of selling in the winter, so make sure to consider it properly. And once you actually sell your home, consider what your relocation options are. Also, try and decide what to do with your possessions. You have two options for things you don't want in your new home - selling them or storing them in a storage unit. You can leave some of them for the house staging, put furniture and personal stuff you want to take with you in storage, and sell the

possessions you never use.

Chance to show your home is winter-ready

One of the best perks of selling your house in winter is that you can prove to prospective buyers

your home is winter-ready. What does this mean? For example, insulation is crucial during

winter. You can show buyers it can withstand some harsh Boston temperatures. This will

definitely bring you bonus points.

Additionally, if your home is energy-efficient, winter is the best season to show off this feature.

Potential homebuyers will be impressed by a winterized house that already has attractive energy

efficiency features. Smart thermostats, high-quality window coverings, solar panels, new attic

insulation, a modern HVAC system, and a tankless water heater are some of the energy-saving

features to emphasize.

When buying a house in the spring or summer, buyers can't perceive these features. That's why

winter is a great opportunity to enhance them and use them as a selling point.

Festive atmosphere 

The inviting and festive winter atmosphere around winter holidays can be very beneficial to sellers. You can use the jolly and warm holiday vibe to create a welcoming environment for your open house. Besides using the typical house staging tips, you can decorate your home with subtle decorations and burn some apple & cinnamon candles.

Why not welcome prospective buyers with chocolate chip cookies and a warm beverage. Use Boston's snowy winter to create picture-perfect scenery in your home. This will definitely win you some bonus points. And it's not something you can do during the hottest market season.

Are you ready to consider selling in the winter? 

You'll make a quick sale and a high profit, you won't have to deal with indecisive buyers,

and you'll have an excellent and devoted agent by your side. This is a winning combination.

Therefore, if you were ever reluctant about putting your house on the market during winter, its time to change your mind and make the best of it!

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