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Quick Tips to Add Curb Appeal

Many buyers know what Open Houses they are going to ahead of the weekend, but in markets like Brookline and Newton, many potential buyers (or people who know potential buyers) wander in off the street because a home "looks cute". So, how do you make a good first impression when a potential buyer walks by and takes a look at your house with the "For Sale" sign in the yard? You add to the overall curb appeal.Here are some inexpensive curb appeal upgrades you can do that will increase the attention your property gets:

1. Paint your front door. Add a pop of color to your home to catch the eye. Don't go too wild, but a saturated color on the door that complements the color of your home can make a huge visual impact.

2. Upgrade your garage door. You can bet that passers-by, viewers and neighbors see this from the street. Updating your garage door (or giving it a fresh coat of paint if applicable) will make a whole lot of difference in curb appeal. If you're stuck for ideas, just go with something simple.

3. Invest in landscaping. Eliminate any debris, leaves, or fallen branches from the yard. Mow your lawn, and remove weeds from the yard or garden beds to make them look neat. Plant flowers along the front of the home if you have some space. You don't have to get too fancy here, just make sure it looks healthy and clean.

4. Add some lighting. Well-placed lighting on the exterior can make your house more appealing without you doing any real big projects; accent lights installed along the walkway bring an elegant feeling to the home immediately.

The moral of the story is that you don't have to take on huge projects to draw positive attention to your home. Keep it simple and clean, and you won't go wrong.

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