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Go Local and Get Home!

Buying a new home without giving up all your major organs is a challenge. I am sure you are hearing the stories of finding “THE HOME” but the offer was not accepted…and then they do this over and over…submitting 45 competitive offers, only to find out that your competition is somebody offering an obscene amount of money, and, oh wait…all of it in cash! Battle this with getting yourself PRE-QUALIFIED FIRST! Walk in there armed with all the tools you have available to you: A strong Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender and your chances of getting your offer being accepted is higher. How do you do get PRE-QUALIFIED? Do you go online? Walk into a big bank and become a mere number to them? NO! Go LOCAL to someone who is responsive and who is recommended by your real estate agent!


  • Expertise. Going to a big conglomerate that claims to do it all may not be what you want or need. Going to a local mortgage professional will get an expert on mortgages in the market where you live

  • Time is of the Essence. You know what they say, “you snooze you lose”. In this environment you need a dedicated team to get you to the start line, run the race, and finish strong!

  • Peace of Mind. Knowing you are working with someone that your Real Estate Agent, a friend, or a family member has worked with and trust. You deserve to have all your questions and concerns addressed quickly. Contacting a giant call center and wondering who you will speak to is unsettling. When you selected a Real Estate Agent, you selected someone you know and trust and is close by. The same criteria should apply when you choose your Mortgage Loan Officer.

  • Local Networking. If you are going to move into a new home, you may be in the market for certain items or services. Tapping into that Realtor’s and Mortgage Loan Officer’s networks can be valuable to you in more ways than one.

This blog post was written by Mona Wong at Monument Mortgage.

Monument Mortgage is local, focused on developing personal relationships, and passionate. Mona loves knowing her clients are moving into a new home, starting a family, getting closer to grandchildren, or down-sizing to enjoy retirement years and being a part of making that happen. She focuses on personal relationships that are built to last!

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