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6 Facts You May Not Know about Brookline

There are certain things everyone knows and loves about Brookline--the amazing green spaces and fantastic schools to name a couple--but even Brookline natives residents may be surprised to learn these pieces of trivia.

  1. Brookline was once known as the hamlet of ‘Muddy River’ and was considered part of Boston until the Town of Brookline was independently incorporated in 1705.

  2. The Longyear Museum features exhibits on the life of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science

  3. Brookline has been the home to a number of famed individuals, including President John F. Kennedy, Barbara Walters, Conan O’Brien, and Robert Kraft.

  4. Brookline is the “sister city” to Quezalguaque, Nicaragua

  5. The public school system is a true melting pot; approximately 30% of students come from homes where English is not the first language.

  6. The city is home to Newbury College, New England Institute of Art, Pine Manor College and parts of Boston University.

Now you know Brookline!

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