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5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Sale

When you are thinking about putting your home on market, there are some obvious to-dos that home owners think of: painting, staging, and de-cluttering are clearly good starting points, but there are a number of smaller tasks that get ignored. If you are going to place your home on market, make sure you take care of these 5 things, preferably before photos are taken:

  1. Replace burnt out lightbulbs. You want the light in your home to be maximal, so make sure there are no burnt out or fading bulbs. Small items like a missing bulb can also be distracting to a potential buyer. It will make them wonder what else has been left in disrepair.

  2. Replace your street numbers. You'll have potentially hundreds of people swinging by for open houses and showings, so you want your home to be easily identifiable. Replace those old, painted over street numbers with something big, bold, and modern. It serves a practical purpose and is aesthetically pleasing.

  3. Replace your worn-out welcome mat. Beyond curb appeal, it's an easy first impression to make.

  4. Clean your windows. This one is usually overlooked and make a huge difference in allowing light to filter in, and for photos to look sharp.

  5. Add some greenery. Both inside and outside of the house, consider a facelift that involves plants. You can do a small garden along the edge of your home, or put a couple of large welcoming planters with a pop of color along a walkway. It's also a game-changer to have fresh flowers or plants in vases throughout the home!

Are there any other "must-do" items that you can think of? Add them in the comment section below!

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