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5 Reasons to Love JP

Lots of Greenery. Jamaica Plain hosts Jamaica Pond, the Arborway, Arnold Arboretum, and Franklin Park. With ample trails throughout the Arboretum and a 1.5 mile loop around the pond, JP is ideal for runners and dog owners who need a little breathing room from the hustle of the city. Beyond the spaces open to the public, homes in JP often have more backyard, deck, or porch space than in other neighborhoods.

Diversity. Any way you slice it, Jamaica Plain offers a lot of diversity. The population is 22 percent Latino, 13 percent African-American, 5 percent Asian, 56 percent white, and 4 percent other. Besides ethnic diversity, there’s an artsy circle and a strong LGBT community. You will find a lot of economic diversity as well, making this a true "melting pot" neighborhood.

Community Feel. Between events at the Public Library, Porchfest, Pride Block Party, Farmer's Markets, and dozen's of local restaurants, you will never be bored in JP. There are always events going on to bring the community together. Jamaica Plain is known for its activism and political consciousness, so you can be sure that people come together actively to build a welcoming and safe environment to live in.

A commuter's paradise. Four different Orange Line T Stations stretch through Jamaica Plain, making it one of the most convenient neighborhoods to commute from. You don't have the crowding and incessant stopping you get with the Green Line, but you never have to walk more than 15 minutes to get to a T stop. There is also a Green Line Station and a number of busses if the Orange Line doesn't work for you. It's a perfect balance. On top of that, if you commute via car, JP offers ample street parking without the need for a Resident Sticker. For those who host guests frequently, this is a life-saver!

Investment Opportunities. Multi-Family Homes in Jamaica Plain offer investors a moderately-priced option to gain access to multiple income units at once. Sure, they are more expensive than East Boston or West Roxbury, but what you gain back in rental rates and demand is well worth it. On average, a 2 bedroom rented for $2,400 over the last twelve months in JP, with the 3 bedrooms going for an average of $2,800.

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