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Help your employees get a leg up in the market

I regularly work with HR and Benefits Managers to bring home buyer seminars to an entire office. This is a full-service, real estate rewards program that appreciates the dedication to superior service. The program is designed to enhance employee satisfaction, increase financial wellness, and support a work-life balance by helping all employees achieve their goals related to the buying, selling, and investing of real estate. While the cost of benefits has skyrocketed, this program offers concierge real estate services and professional expertise to employees and their friends and family. This wellness benefit includes educational opportunities, expert agent representation, and private consultations on topics related to home ownership or other real estate assets.

We will educate your employees on the home buying process by explaining the respective roles and responsibilities of agents, lenders, attorneys, and inspectors and how they can guide and protect you.

Krystyn, standing in front of a TV in a collared shirt and dress pants. She is giving a presentation
Mortgage lender, standing in front of a TV in a collared shirt and dress pants, presenting to a group.

What's Covered?

1 / Buying vs. Renting

We'll walk you through the emotional and financial considerations you weigh when determining whether to rent or buy, point out some common fallacies, and address some often overlooked considerations.

2 / The local nature of real estate

We'll teach you how to not get caught up in generalizations and over-reaching trends you might hear about on the news.​

3 / Building the right "team" around you

How to ensure your agent, attorney, lender, and home inspector are working together effectively to get you to the closing table and protect your interests.​

4 / Market Analysis
  • If you are buying or selling a home with me, I provide notary services free of charge.  If you are not otherwise a client, I charge $10 per signature page.

  • There are no additional fees if you come to my office for my services. If you require a mobile notary, there is a $10 travel fee.

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